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Return Policy

We value our customers very much. If you are not satisfied with the products within 7 days after receiving the package (including Saturdays and Sundays, and Public Holidays), please contact customer service staff within 7 days of receiving the goods and provide " Names, "Order Number","Contact Phone", "Return Product Name", "Return Reasons and Photos", etc., will be assisted by the customer service staff after returning.

※If you have received the paper invoice, please return it together with the “shopping invoice” when returning.
※Please check the option information such as the color and quantity of the product before purchase. After the payment is successful, the default is to agree to the exchange/return policy.

Customer Service Mailbox:
Customer service hotline: 3619 7006

I. Cancellation of application instructions before delivery

When the order status is "Payment Successful", the customer can applyfor cancellation / refundation from the customer service department. After confirmation by the customer service center, the customer can be notified again whether the order can be cancelled / refunded.

*Cannot cancel order if the order status is "shipped"

II. Return and Exchange Application Instructions

For products that meet the return/replacement conditions, please contact theseller's customer service and provide relevant information within 7 days afterreceipt, we will confirm the processing as soon as possible.

Customers who receive a return notification must return the goods within 3 daysof receiving the notice, sellers will accept the return after the deadline.

Return / Exchange instructions

I. Acceptable return/exchange:

Ia. Incorrect Goods - The product received by the customer does not match with the goods listed on the invoice.
Ib. Damaged Goods - The quality of the products received by the customer has deteriorated and cannot be used.
Ic. Personal Factors - Products that have been returned or exchanged in accordance with the customer's personal factors and have been approved by the seller.

II. Unable to accept return/exchange:

IIa. Over seven days after receipt of the goods.
IIb. The goods have been unpacked or used, or caused by human factors, such as external packaging: dirty, damaged, worn, dirty and cannot be resold.
IIc. A slight crease or dent in the package does not affect the quality of the product itself.
IId. The returned goods packaging is incompletely, damaged, or the invoices and gifts are missing.
IIe. Malicious or large returns.
IIf. If you apply for a return or refund due to personal factors, you will not be able to accept a return or refund if you order the same item next time. Except the case of the product quality.
IIg. Items that cannot be exchanged.
IIh. The return of the goods has not been approved by the seller to return/exchange.
IIi. Gift or sample or tester.In case of dispute, the seller reserves the right of final decision.

III. All used shopping deposits are non-refundable.

IV. Non-product issues (sorted goods or bad goods) For orders that are returned/exchanged, all shipping costs are borne by the customer. Instructions for returning the product.

Please include the returned product photo as evidence when providing theinformation. Once the customer service department is processed, the customer must return the product to Customer Service for verification.

Regardless of whether the customer returns theproduct to the seller for any reason, the customer must follow the instructionsbelow to expedite the return process:

Return process
Contact customer service staff → Customer service staff can confirm the refund/replacement by email → Prepare the complete product and invoice →Provide the time and contact information, address → The logistics company which nominated by the seller to collect the goods.

For further instructions, please contact customer service at

Any risk which correlated with the returned product is borne by the customer.