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About us

In 1980, our brand was established in Arad, Israel. The brand has an elite R&D team, including dermatologists, biochemistry experts and biotech experts, researching and developing advanced skin care products, and having production facilities that meet international standards. The brand harnesses the natural powers to reveal and enhance your natural beauty, a combination of Dead Sea mineral and Black Pearl, which was perfectly integrated by the world known Technology of Israel.

The salinity of the Dead Sea in Israel is up to 32%, 6 times to average ocean water, which contains more than 45,000,000 tons of salt - mineral. The unique mineral was formed after the Dead Sea water was evaporate and was settle on the seabed.

Dead Sea contains a rich component of minerals, including chlorine, iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur and zinc etc.… which some of the minerals are only contains in Dead Sea. Some of the well-known special characters of it are to relax human body, moisturize skin and to accelerate blood circulation in order to cure different kinds of disease. Mineral and vitamins are necessary for human to produce enzymes and hormone, so to accelerate and adjust the skin cell’s metabolism of the human body that also leads to the restoration of cells and surface skin.

Long before 2000 years ago, there are books in China reciting the medical benefits of pearls that it gives the skin a good color. Even now, the Dictionary of Chinese Herbs “中藥大辭典” says that pearls are able to dissolve toxic elements so to rejuvenate the skin. Tahitian Pearl (Black Pearl) are primarily cultivated around the islands of French Polynesia. Their growth is highly affected by the environmental factors such as weather and the elements of the water, which is easily cause to their death. It is unique because of its long period of growth, which also given a name by “Pearl of the Queen”. It is proven that Pearl powder contains 18 types of amino acid, nearly 20 kinds of mineral, proteins and microelements, after a certain period of application not only helps in increasing body immunity, it also prevent human body from premature aging, enhance elasticity of skin and whitening.

The brand product technology extracts natural minerals from the Dead Sea mud and perfectly blends with the Black Pearls of Tahitian, completes the micronization treatment of the Black Pearls in the black butterfly shell, and transports the anti-aging ingredients with the auxiliary effect of the Dead Sea mud. An innovative achievement that deepens the skin, accelerates blood circulation, promotes metabolism, and improves skin condition in multiple dimensions.

Other than being the only beauty brand counter in Vatican, our band has launched in over 50 countries, including France, Italy, United States, Spain and Singapore. Its outstanding performance has been highly sought after by high-end SPA organization, professional and international celebrities.